Care & Services

We provide everything your elderly parent needs.

Bob and aide Rowena

Bob and aide Rowena

Hope N Care operates with a philosophy of care that allows aging-in-place, with more intensive services available as needs progress.

We also understand that successful senior care and memory care rests with the way the caregiver treats the resident. We always respect our resident’s dignity by treating them with courtesy, patience and compassion. We offer Medication Administration for residents not using the facility pharmacy and a family meal plan for family members eating at facility.
Enhancing our resident’s quality of life is our number one priority!

Rooms to live in comfort.

Choose from:

  • Private room no bathroom.
  • Private room + half bathroom.
  • Private room + full bathroom.
  • Hospice care rooms.

See photos here, or schedule a tour for an up-close look.

Our additional services include:

Specialized Diets:

  • Low salt, Soft and Special Foods
  • Diabetic or pureed
  • Tube Feeding
  • Hand Feeding

Behavioral Intervention:

  • Frequent Redirection (4 or more times a day)
  • Fall Risk
  • Poor Short Term Memory
  • Difficult/Improper Behavior (Language, Poor Table Manners)
  • Wandering


  • Incontinence of Bladder (Incl. Peri-care)
  • Incontinence of Bowel (Incl. Peri-care)
  • Inappropriate Incontinence

Catheter/Colostomy Care:

  • All Catheter Care
  • Colostomy Care
  • Foley Catheter Care
  • Straight Catheterization


  • Hoyer Lift and/or Two Person Dependent Transfer and Mobility
  • Two Person Assist for Transfer
  • One Person Assist for Mobility and Transfers

Diabetic Care:

  • CBG (once daily or less)
  • CBG (twice daily or more)
  • Insulin
  • Insulin w/ Sliding Scale

Skin Care:

  • Skin Care (once daily or less)
  • Skin Care (twice daily or more)

Special Needs:

  • Resident needs 2 person male or female for ADLs
  • Behavior that negatively impact completion of care (ex. sexually inappropriate, verbally abusive, etc.)